Friday, May 31, 2013

Broadcast CDs Available

A reader mentioned the following: "Just wanted to let anyone interested know that copies [of the radio program] are available for purchase on cd from University of Wyoming American Heritage Center" Will post more details as they become available.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bill Wacker (Mar 18, 2007)

I remember well the Dekoven Concerts and the Barracoco Society of which I became a member in the early 60's. I listened to him on classical station WNCN (now defunct - replaced with the usual rock junk) in New York. I had the privilege to meet him at one of his lectures at Town Hall in NYC; his presentation was accompanied by the flutists Theodore & Dorothy Schultz. Before its start, My wife and I met him outside and we chatted a while while sitting on the curb! He was a truely unique personality and greatly missed.

Bill Wacker

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Philip Smith (Aug. 13, 2006)

DeKoven woke me up to OTW music via KDNA in St. Louis. The signal reached the forty miles to Principia College where I loved hearing his show. I can still hear his voice and his great style. DeKoven and PDQ Bach double-handedly (quadruple-handedly?) brought life back to the pre-Classical musical era.

Philip Smith

Barry Buehler (July 25, 2006)

I will be forever grateful for D's radio mentoring.

I wish I had some tapes, but somewhere, I do have (somewhere !!) one of his mini-writing postcards. Between DeKoven and Jean Shepherd, New York radio had a tremendous influence on me.

I remember that he had a business relationship with conductor Max Goberman to issue all the Haydn symphonies through a society or record club, the name of which I can't recall. I do remember having a childish thrill one day when I passed
a building (I believe in Westchester, NY off the New England Thruway) with a sign indicating that it was the society headquarters. I enjoyed the few recordings I purchased.

Does anyone recall the name of this organization/record club ?

Barry Buehler

Ruth L. Jackson (June 1, 2006)

If this is still a legitimate email address, let me know. I loved, ABSOLUTELY LOVED, DeKoven, and I have a picture I took of him in Boston which you will love.
I carried his legendary bumper sticker "VIVA VIVALDI" on my car for many years, and supported his program, "DE KOVEN PRESENTS." I even wrote him a poem.
Ruth L. Jackson.

Allen Allison (Apr. 19, 2006)


I was pleased to find a page dedicated to Seymour DeKoven (I never knew until now what his first name was!). I have very fond memories of listening to "DeKoven Presents" when I was a kid, from about 1965 to 1973, when I left home for college. I listened on WGH-FM in Hampton Roads, VA. DeKoven helped me to develop and cultivate my musical tastes, which still essentially embrace the "Barococo" period. I can't overemphasize how important DeKoven's "labor of love" was in shaping and influencing my early musicological education! I wrote him several times and (eventually!) received some plain postcards back from him with added personal notes.

I noticed that there's a nice article about DeKoven on the Wikipedia site: .

I wish that some of his nearly 600 shows could be put on CD and made available to his affectionate and appreciative listeners. DeKoven, you're OTC (literally now, I guess!)!

Allen Allison
Encinitas, CA

Peter hendrickson (Mar. 21, 2006)

Has anyone ever considered putting recordings of dekoven’s radio programs into a form which could be listened to on the web? When I lived in nyc in the early 60’s I loved listening to his show..very informative and lots of good listening…I may have some reel/reel tapes of some of his programs…I am planning to go through my tapes to see what can be salvaged and saved…

Peter hendrickson